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Waspish Wears Jewelry started from the need and want to create and preserve beautiful things found in nature. By preserving items in between glass, these shadowboxes showcasing family heirlooms, childhood memories and treasures of today are an expression from the heart. 

I have always been attracted to colors and textures. My first car was a 1960 VW Karmann Ghia which I had at one point tried gluing on stained glass shards. After figuring out if I got in an accident, the odds of the glass ending up killing me or someone else, I ended up painting murals all over the car. I have always created and used my skills in making some kind of original art. 

My husband and I have been blessed with two children, Vireo 8, and Olive 6. I needed to decide to go back to work or work from home. The choice was easy and Waspish Wears Jewelry was born. 

I use handkerchiefs found in old dressers, ripped up tablecloths that were to be thrown away. Remember Grandma's old crazy quilt in the closet? I salvage the pieces in between the mouse holes or dry rot and preserve family history. 

My family and I are lucky to live rurally. Daily walks provide inspiration as well as material for my necklaces and earrings. Vireo and Olive constantly find little bits of lichen or moss, twigs and treasures for my necklaces as well.

Waspish Wears Jewelry uses only lead free solder allowing traditional stained glass soldering methods to be used while allowing the safety of todays standard. No lead means no leaching of lead into the skin.

Most materials, including bugs or bird feathers have been sustainably harvested. If something has been killed by man, not nature, I will dutifully note in the description.

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